Through our collective, clients get the research-based and practical expertise they need, when they need it from practitioners who are able to purposefully and skillfully work across lines of difference while staying present, engaged, and in service.  This work is too important to leave to chance - we have seen and believe in what is possible when paradigms of power shift, systems of power change, and all of us have more space to breathe.

We operate from the ideals of collective wisdom, emergent strategy, and liberatory consciousness. Our approach keeps the work at the center and brings together the best partners to meet the needs of the project. 

Our collective consists of the following partners in addition to other strategic advisors and subject matter experts who partner with us in serving clients.  All of our collective partners, strategic advisors, and subject matter experts have managed teams, 40% have held executive-level roles, 80% have been classroom teachers, 60% identify as people of color, 80% identify as female, 20% identify as LGBTQIA+.