Jenni Oki

Founding Partner and Consultant

Jennifer Oki brings over ten years of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness expertise to Becoming Better Together, focusing on services from direct facilitation & design to enterprise-wide evaluation and strategy.  With a practice grounded in anti-oppression, community-driven outcomes, and a deep belief in the possibility of transformative social justice futures, she has designed & executed learning programs for schools, non-profits, and executive leadership teams, as well as driven strategy for an organization of over 2000 employees.  She specializes in program development & evaluation and works to connect executive leadership to employees on the ground through learning & development, assessment, and support for action.


Jenni is a Racial Equity Strategist with Google and is the Education Editor of Microaggressions Project.  She is the former Senior Managing Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness at Teach For America. Before joining the nonprofit sector she was a history teacher and department chair in New York City and a curriculum writer for The College Board.  She has been featured on NPR's Koho Nmamdi Show (WAMU/NPR) and her writing on education appears in book Inside Our Schools: Teachers on the Failure and Future of Education Reform (Harvard Education Press). She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and is relocated back to Brooklyn this summer.

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