We Become Better When We Work Together

Becoming Better Together is a collective consulting, coaching, and training organization helping to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures. We know the work of boldly digging into the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion can feel like a mystery, and we partner with organizations to demystify and actively shift practices, policies, and behaviors at the individual, team, and systems-level.

Through our collective, clients get the research-based and practical expertise they need, when they need it from practitioners who are able to purposefully and skillfully sit in challenging situations, stay present, and hold their seats. This work is too important to leave to chance - we have seen and believe in what is possible when paradigms of power shift, systems of power change, and all of us have more space to breathe.

We operate as a collective of exceptional practitioners grounded in the ideals of collective wisdom, emerging strategy, and liberatory consciousness. Our approach keeps the work at the center and brings together our best partners to meet the needs of the project; our collaborative partners specialize in executive coaching, team training and development, and retreats focused on adaptive, boundary-crossing, and purpose-centered leadership.


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Wisdom reflects a capacity for sound judgment, discernment, and the objectivity to see what is needed in the moment. Collective wisdom reflects a similar capacity to learn together and evolve toward something greater and wiser than what we can do as individuals alone.”
~Alan Briskin